About The Artist

The art of Paula Bowers is creating striking visual statements in major office buildings and private spaces around the country.

Paula is a nationally celebrated award-winning Fiber Artist. 

Her works are prominently featured in some of America’s most beautiful buildings. In retail, office, hotel and medical centers her works are the artistic centerpieces wherever they are shown. Her custom designed fiber pieces are also proudly displayed in the private homes of prestigious clients as a treasured part of their art collections.

Paula’s work celebrates the architecture that surrounds them, adding warmth and an orchestra of color and texture.

This site captures the essence of Paula’s art. It tells the story of many of her most celebrated pieces. Here is art that fascinates; that is at once unique and yet filled with the common elements that surround us in nature.

Travel with her on her fascinating journey. Each time you look at her art you will see something new. As the light around it changes new aspects of her art are revealed. As you view it you will experience the vibrant enthusiasm felt by art lovers across the country for her work.