In The Flow

Size 34″ x 1 D’

In the Flow is the interpretation of our journey through life, undulating and echoing a musical octave. In the ebb and flow of the rhythm of life, its eight waves incorporate the elements at the heart of our existence – Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Water ushered us into the world. It is the key to su staining our flow through life. Fire gives us spirit, warmth and renewal. Wind moves us in aII directions, at times in directions we wouldn’t go. Earth is our home and tracks us on our journey. Time moves us in all directions; it rushes downstream, collects in pools, appears to bottleneck us and travels back to its source in deep, caIm tides. The past do es not always determine the future and the future may not influence the past. We have the crystal of choice in our hands. With the river of timelessness endings are beginnings, beginnings can be endings, the re is life in death and death in life. Enjoy your journey downstream in the flow of your life.