Size: 4′ x 4′ Lobby, Mid Michigan Medical Center, Midland, Ml.

Joy is the highest form of emotion. It’s the magical sense evoking everything is a possibility. Joy springs from the appreciation of the gifts within each moment. It allows us to attract and create our present and future moments to the highest possible extent. Even if you haven’t exactly what you want in life, acting “as if” and focusing on the feeling of joy helps fulfill your desires.That sense of expansion makes it seem as if this was already a reality. There really isn’t a day that goes by where joy doesn’t enter into my life, even if it’s in the most unexpected way. This piece sprang from that place in my heart. Using vibrant, jewel toned wool fibers, hand felted with shimmering threads of silk, I created the base for multiple objects in glass, metal, wood, feather, and recycled symbols generating subtle energies. Covering the piece are opalescent, transparent and opaque layers of mica rock, prompting the viewer to look beyond the illusion of the surface to find JOY emerging.